Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart Buildings and Home Automation

Techsol Solutions, in collaboration with technology partners and manufacturers, offers products and solutions for Smart Buildings and Home Automation. With fast shaping realm of ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), entire ecosystem of smart products is evolving with an expanding range of sensors, controllers, and integrating hardware & software modules.

Techsol Solutions is staying on the cutting edge of this transformation and is bringing latest technologies to equip Pakistani buildings and homes with top of the line effective and reliable solutions. Our solutions involve technologies and products from leading brands of the world, providing a winning edge to our customers. The solutions are highly scalable and are categorized as given below:

  • Lighting & Entertainment Systems
  • Air Conditioning & Heating Systems
  • Security & Safety Systems
  • Integrating Systems

Products from the above categories can be easily Integrated together to provide high-end security/safety, cost savings, comfort and convenience.

We employ key elements in out smart/automation solutions from following: