Hioki benchtop power meters and power analyzers are best in class power measuring instruments for measuring single to three-phase lines with a high degree of precision and accuracy. The 3193-10 is a 6-channel power meter for testing any type of circuit ranging from single-phase lines to three-phase four-wire lines. Based on the voltage, current, and active power measurements, the power meter calculates and displays reactive power, apparent power, power factor, phase angle, and efficiency. It also provides a wide range of measurement functions including frequency measurement function, peak measurement function, current integration, active power integration, analog outputs, monitor outputs.


Key Features

  • A rich assortment of measurement functions including voltage, current, power, waveform peak value and efficiency
  • High-precision with basic accuracy of ±0.2 %, high-speed response of 0.1 s
  • Measure up to six circuits simultaneously
  • Select from 3 types of input units

Basic specifications(Accuracy guaranteed for 6 months, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 6 months)

Measurement lines Single-phase 2-wire, single-phase 3-wire, three-phase 3-wire, and three-phase 4-wire systems
Measurement items [Using the optional 9600, 9601, 9602]
Voltage, current, voltage/current peak, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, phase angle, frequency, current integration, power integration, load rate, efficiency
[Using the optional 9603, added function]
Voltage, torque, rotation, frequency, motor output
[Using the optional 9605, added function]
Harmonic measurement, waveform, voltage fluctuation / flicker measurement function
Measurement range
(using the 9600)
[Voltage] 6/ 15/ 30/ 60/ 150/ 300/ 600/ 1000 V
[Current] 200/ 500 mA, 1/ 2/ 5/ 10/ 20/ 50 A
[Power] 1.2 W to 150 kW
(Depends on measurement mode and combination of voltage and current range)
[Frequency] 50/ 500/ 5 k/ 50 k/ 2 MHz
Basic accuracy
(Active power)
±0.1 % rdg. ±0.1 % f.s. (45 Hz to 66 Hz, using the 9600)
Display refresh rate 8 times /s
Frequency characteristics [Using the 9600] DC, 0.5 Hz to 1 MHz
[Using the 9601] 5 Hz to 100 kHz
[Using the 9602] DC, 0.5 Hz to 200 kHz
Functions Waveform peak measurement, Efficiency measurement, D/A output, External control, Scaling, Averaging, Back up function, PM measurement at motor output (using the optional 9603), etc,.
Interfaces RS-232C, GP-IB standard
Power supply 100/ 120/ 200/ 230 V AC, switched automatically, 50/60 Hz, 150 VA max.
Dimensions and mass 430 mm (16.93 in) W × 150 mm (5.91 in) H × 370 mm (14.57 in) D, 15 kg (529.1 oz) (at options installed)
Accessories Instruction manual ×1, Power cord ×1, Connector ×1

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