HQd Portable and Benchtop Meter Configurator

Product Description

Now offering a complete water analysis portfolio of testing parameters with standard, rugged, and ultra options. Hach’s HQd system gives maximum measurement flexibility and ease of operation with interchangeable probes and automatic parameter recognition. HQd benchtop meters provide all the benefits of the digital HQd system, with simplified data transfer and easy-to-read results on a large, backlit screen. The HQd Universal configurator helps you select the right meter from among the HQ40d, HQ30d, HQ14d and HQ11d portable models, as well as the HQ440d, HQ430d and HQ411d benchtop models. Depending upon configuration, meters can measure DO/LDO, BOD, pH, conductivity, ORP/Redox, ammonia, ammonium, chloride, fluoride, nitrate and/or sodium.


Key Features

  • Guided Calibrations
  • Traceability and Reporting
  • Easy to Use in the Field
  • Error-free O2 results – without calibration or replacing the electrolyte
  • Full GLP data management
  • Guided Calibrations

    All Hach HQd Digital Meters provide an intuitive user interface with guided calibration and check standard routines to reduce calibration errors and simplify operation. Calibration status indicator and custom calibration alerts ensure accurate results.

    Traceability and Reporting

    HQd meters record probe serial numbers, current calibration data, user ID, sample ID, time, and date automatically in the data log. Each measurement can be linked to sample ID, user ID, probe serial number, and more for complete traceability and regulatory reporting.

    Easy to Use in the Field

    All connections between the meter and the probe are secure and waterproof. Connectors can be color-coded for quick identification. Information is clearly displayed on the one screen with back light for low light conditions. Display results can be enlarged for easier reading.

    Error-free O2 results – without calibration or replacing the electrolyte

    Full GLP data management



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