6020/6022/6024 High Temperature Calibration Oil Baths

Product Description

Fluke Calibration oil baths are stable to ±0.001 °C and do not require calibration blocks or use of special calibration techniques to achieve that stability. The specifications of all our baths are “true specifications representing the performance you can expect to achieve in your lab under your operating conditions. Other companies advertise specs that they know you will never see in your lab. When their baths fail to perform, they blame it on you.

Fluke Calibration baths are built using a unique tank design that guarantees the best uniformity possible in a liquid bath. This, coupled with the industry’s best-selling digital bath controller, achieves uncompromised performance and ease of use.

Not only does our digital controller have features like its “Super-Tweak high-resolution mode so you can dial in the exact temperatures you want, it also lets you completely automate the calibration process using your PC and our 9938 MET/TEMP II software.

You’ll love these baths, and once you’ve got one you’ll never buy anything else. There’s a bath to match any temperature range, depth, price, and performance you need.


Key Features

Stable, uniform heat sources for calibrations up to 300 °C

  • Large-capacity tanks for higher productivity
  • Calibrations up to 300 °C
  • Built-in cooling coils for faster cooling
  • Stability to ±0.001 °C

Find a high temperature oil bath (300 °C) with high capacity and deep immersion from Fluke Calibration. Our metrology baths are well known world-wide for excellent temperature control that maintains excellent temperature stability (±0.003 °C) and uniformity (±0.004 °C). Models 6020, 6022, and 6024 can be used with water at lower temperature for even better performance.

Comparison calibrations require a heat source that’s stable and uniform, and for moderately high temperatures nothing provides a better heat source than a Fluke Calibration oil bath.



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